The engineering team you can trust

We are Harvard-educated and Silicon Valley-trained,
with 10+ years of experience shipping software of unparalleled quality.

Trusted by the most innovative and established tech companies

...backed by the world's premier venture capitalists.

A decade of engineering excellence

Hiro and Mark, who became friends during their college days at Harvard and later colleagues in the formative years of Asana, have been building together for over ten years. They're ready to guide your next engineering initiative to remarkable success.

Hiro Yamada
Co-founder / CEO
Software Engineer, Asana
Founder, Asana Japan
Harvard Degrees in CS, MS, MBA
Mark Yao
Co-founder / CTO
CTO, Kaya (a leading venture studio)
Senior Eng Lead, Thumbtack and Asana
Harvard Degrees in Math and CS
AI/ML/LLM Development

Our profound expertise in AI empowers companies to create AI-driven applications from the ground up or enhance existing ones.

Large Codebase Expertise

Our ability to quickly understand existing codebases enables us to start enhancing and adding features within days, adhering to established conventions.

Mobile Development

We have extensive experience in developing and deploying mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Full-stack Web Development

With more than ten years of experience, we're well-versed in the industry's best web development practices, delivering scalable and robust web solutions.

AI Research Projects

We specialize in AI research initiatives aimed at solving the most challenging and complex AI problems.

Build from scratch

Embarking on a new project? Collaborate with us to design, build, and launch your idea into reality.

Notable past projects

We've had the honor of partnering with some of the world's most innovative and established tech firms.

Engineering insights

We're eager to share our technical expertise and insights through our published articles.

“I trust your techical judgement more than my own in almost all cases, because you know the codebase as well as I do!”

Rohan, CEO at Penguin AI (YC S22)

Former ML Engineer at Google

“You are resilient, and your communication is open and honest. We had the peace of mind that our engineering was in great hands.”

Aizada, CEO at ALMA

Harvard-educated lawyer and legal tech CEO

Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

We typically charge $10k to $15k per engineer per month, although this could vary for complex projects. Our customers find our pricing to be more competitive than anything they find in the US.

When can you start working for me?

Please contact us, but most likely, immediately! We always try to keep some reserve capacity to serve new customers with minimal delay.

What are the logistics of working together?

We are flexible! Typically we first engage in a two-week paid trial so our clients can validate the value we can provide. Projects can be fixed term (typically 3+ months), or indefinite (we become an integrated part of the team).

Schedule a call with us to find out if we can help you!

We are thrilled to be your trusted partner for your AI / engineering projects. Please reach out!